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About the Film

Bring Them Home tells the story of a small group of Blackfoot people and their mission to establish the first wild buffalo herd on their ancestral territory since the species’ near-extinction a century ago, an act that would restore the land, re-enliven traditional culture and bring much needed healing to their community.


Narrated by Academy Award-nominated Blackfeet / Nez Perce actor Lily Gladstone and Co-Directed by Blackfeet siblings Ivan and Ivy MacDonald with Daniel Glick.

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How to Support

Blackfeet Buffalo Program

The Blackfeet Nation's Tribal Buffalo Program

Blackfeet Community College

Tribal-run higher education for all community members

Blackfeet Eco Knowledge

Revive and preserve Indigenous traditional knowledge systems


Cuts Wood Academy

Blackfeet language immersion school

Iinnii Initiative / INDIGENOUS LED

Home of the Iinnii Initiative

Piikani Lodge Health Institute

Promoting the health and well-being of Blackfeet people and lands

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Ivan Macdonald, Ivy MacDonald and Daniel Glick


Ivan Macdonald, Daniel Glick


Daniel Glick, Sarah Clarke, Ivan Macdonald

Executive Producers

Lily Gladstone, Sarah Clarke, Melissa Grumhaus, Mary Caulkins, Amy Batchelor, Brad Feld, Four Points Family Foundation

Co-Executive Producers

The Redford Center, Tracy Rector, Wildlife Protection Solutions

Consulting Producer

Ervin Carlson

Associate Producer

Tyson Runningwolf


Lily Gladstone

Directors of Photography

Zane Clampett, Kier Atherton, Daniel Glick


Daniel Glick

Sound Design

Bob Edwards, Andrew Pals, Chris Manning





Misfit Toys

Brian Moriarty

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